“Kiam is one of the few people I trust to do bodywork on me.
Very caring and not invasive. Teaches me with the work they do in our sessions and helps me to care for my body each time I see them. I would recommend anyone who needs body work to go to Kiam.”

- e.f. (Chicago)

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Our bodies feel and absorb the impact of the world around us. Years of habituated movement places our bodies in imbalance. When not addressed, muscles tense up in many places; little aches become big pains, and annoyances can become injuries. Bodywork can help pause this pattern and bring the body back to homeostasis.

Receiving regular bodywork can unwind years of tension and leads the body towards harmony with the mind and spirit. We begin our work with a detailed intake, unpacking what’s ailing your body and where you are holding tension. I respond to your needs with the necessary pressure, depth, and speed. My training in Clinical Myofascial Facilitation, Thai Bodywork, Shiatsu (Applied Energy Channel Pressure) and Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Manual Therapy) provides me with a wealth of protocols and approaches to helping your body heal. We will also discuss posture and movement mechanics and explore simple exercises to extend the opening and energizing effects of the bodywork session in the days and weeks ahead.

Accessory techniques such as Cupping, or Gua Sha (Stone Scraping), and CranioSacral Balancing are also available as needed or requested.