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"I have a therapist and psychiatrist, which is a privilege, but they can't provide me the soulful interaction and peace of mind that Kiam gives openly. Kiam is the missing piece. My best experiences can't be transcribed but I can feel it and I felt that every time I left the sessions I shared with them."

- B.P. (Chicago)


“Kiam listens deeply, validates your feelings when you can’t and guides you to your own solutions. On many occasions, I felt lost, depressed and lonely and desperately needed answers about different relationships in my life. At the end of a conversation with Kiam, I always feel refreshed, stronger, and motivated to carry out our discussed solutions. I know that I can count on them to gently challenge my old ways of thinking and nudge me out of my comfort zone. Kiam has been a shining light in the darkest moments of my life. I’m forever grateful for them.”

- A.L.M.


Mindfulness Coaching focuses on creating resonance between the body, emotion, mind, and spirit. The demands of modern life often leads to imbalance in these aspects of our Self. Mindfulness Coaching helps you to tune in to your intuition and empowers you with tools to return to a more balanced state of being.

We will create a map of the forces in your life, so you can better see where your treasures lie.

In each session, we will create an intentional space where you are free to explore new perspectives on your field of possibilities. The session begins with a creative consultation to map out where you are, how you are feeling, and pinpoint the particular factors affecting your health, relationships, and stress levels. I will support you in seeing an expanded perspective of your self on all levels, and provide you with tools to break through self-limitations.

A few ways I can support you in your journey


  • Creating a yoga and movement practice that feels right for your body and personal needs and goals.

  • Increasing mindfulness and embodiment through meditation,
    breath work, personal mantras and reminders.


  • Practicing effective communication by sharing what’s in your heart.

  • Learning and affirming your boundaries

  • Developing curiosity, creativity, and intimacy

  • Defining your ideal relationships and making room for them in your life


  • Befriending your Ego and Inner Critic

  • Deepening or reconnecting with your own spirituality

  • Breaking old habits and forming new helpful patterns

  • Transforming your mindset around money and abundance.


My coaching style is open, warm, nonjudgmental, and deeply respectful. I consider it an honor to hold space for individuals to see and understand themselves in new ways.

By uncovering the layers of cultural conditioning and filters of self limitations, we remember our inherent power. And while this may not change the conditions and events in the ever changing greater vista of life, we can approach the world with greater clarity. With this we can wield our unique gifts, not only as weapons with which to protect ourselves in the world - but as a source of joy, abundance, meaning and connection in this beautiful, fucked up, breathing, expanding, living universe.