Plants produce their aromatic oils to protect themselves from predators and pathogens, communicate with other plant life, and attract the necessary conditions for reproduction, growth and development. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils are their own materia medica - a healing system harmonious with human physiology, a knowledge base developed across cultures over centuries of use in cooking, medicine, and sacred ceremonies.

Essential oils are distilled from the aromatic compounds of plants: roots, bark, twigs, resin, leaves, flowers, or fruit. These highly concentrated oils contain potent phytochemicals that compose the plants’ immune and reproductive systems. When carried into the bloodstream through the sense of smell and absorbed through the skin, these compounds affect the body in multiple ways. Essential oils support the immune system in fighting pathogens, decreasing inflammation response, opening the airways, nourishing the skin, reducing mental fog, and returning the body from a state of fight-or-flight into rest and relaxation. When blended together, the symphony of scents mirrors the powerful synergy of their collective healing power.


“Kiam is a sensitive and compassionate healer.
They are a soft guiding light in a world on fire.

More than anything, it is the offering of awareness
that makes them a strong healer."

- H.N.



Sessions begin with a detailed intake process, during which we look at your physical-emotional-spiritual balance using principles of Ayurveda and Traditional East Asian Five Element Theory.

We will explore and sample a variety of essential oils and craft your custom potion based on your therapeutic and scent preferences.

Take home a beautiful glass roll-on bottle of your custom blend with up to 13 oils and a crystal charged with your intentions. Rub your personal perfume onto wrists, temples, and pressure points to help ease anxiety, breathe deeply, and connect with your body, mind, and spirit.

Because this is such an intimate and multi-sensory process, Custom Aromatherapy is only available in-person.

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