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photo by Christopher Sonny Martinez

photo by Christopher Sonny Martinez

The role of the healer, the witch, the prophet, and each individual spirit, is to bring about change in the world through one's own personal transformations, revolutions, and revelations.

As an artist who is also a person of color, Asian American, Filipino immigrant, US Navy veteran, gender-fluid, and decidedly queer, I live a life within these contexts but I am not bound by them. I use a multidisciplinary approach in my research,  art making, and healing practice. I develop a conceptual ecosystem in which my works function in myriad ways, informing one another.  I create photos, installations, videos, and performances.  Through my healing work I help people connect parts of themselves by offering new perspectives and approaches to integration. I work collaboratively with local artists, dancers, musicians, and organizers. I foster relationships within my communities, and relish in our blossoming. By working with others, we come to know and become more ourselves. 

I look towards the future and feel its inertia - the momentum that propels us into infinite uncharted moments, carrying the past forward.

- Kiam Marcelo Junio


I see individuals as multifaceted beings capable of great change.

Often times our past conditioning, self-limiting beliefs, and the stressors of daily life act as blocks to manifesting our desires. We are here to change that.

I respond to each client's needs through a holistic lens and offer several approaches to developing compassion, self-love, and liberation.

My journey and studies in natural medicine, the human body and energetic systems, philosophy, art, and spirituality helps me to integrate facets of my personal, social, cultural, ancestral, and universal identities.  I've gained many tools through this path and I am ready to share them with you.


In my art practice, I use many types of media to convey my ideas.  I allow the intention to manifest in whatever form it needs at the time - whether it's sculpture, photography, video, music, performance, or any combination.  My approach to healing and wellness is also integrative.  Each person's healing journey is deeply personal and can benefit from any and every type of healing modality, depending on the person's needs and current state of mind-body-heart. 


Every visit begins with a check in.  How are you doing right now in your relationship to your body, mind, emotion, and spirit? What would you like to work on? What is the most pressing issue? What are your current goals? Where do you need the most release? Where do you need to gather your strength? This initial conversation sets the tone and helps to direct which modalities to explore.  No two visits are ever the same.  When you book your appointment with me, you are agreeing to set this time aside to go deep within your self.  I am here for you as a guide and as a mirror to help reveal your blind spots for you to see your true and fully illuminated self.



Kiam Marcelo Junio is a holistic healer and interdisciplinary artist. Their research and art work center around queering identities, Philippine history, creation myths and herstories, personal-collective healing through collaborative practices and inner shadow work. Kiam served seven years in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. Their work has been exhibited, screened, and performed in New York City, Mexico City, Montreal, Cadiz and throughout Chicago at Boyfriends, Roots & Culture, Defibrillator, Links Hall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hyde Park Art Center, the Bijou Theater, and the Field Museum.  They were born in the Philippines, and have lived in the U.S., Japan, and Spain.


Photos by
 ratko radojcic