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the greatest journey

begins within



Do you feel conflicted by the demands of modern life?

Are you looking for ways to silence the noise and begin to tune in to you inherent intelligence?

Are you looking to develop a more loving relationship with your body?

Do you know that you have something to offer the world but are unsure how to find, define, or express it?

Do you have dreams and goals you would like to achieve and need another person to listen, hold you accountable, and cheer you on?

Are you looking towards a deeper understanding of your own emotions and how to manage them?

Do you see glimpses of your full potential and need another set of eyes to walk with you through self-transformation?  

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MAHAL HEALING ARTS provides personalized coaching, aromatherapy, and bodywork experiences to artists, empaths, and LGBTQI spectrum individuals and allies in Chicago and beyond.

I work with clients to define where they are and help them get to where they want to be - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I help clients contextualize their living experience, identify and transmute their self-limiting beliefs, and empower them to become forces of nature in the worlds they inhabit. 

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Dedicated time, space and guidance; fresh perspectives on your field of possibilities; tools, techniques, potions, and rituals; a thorough understanding of patterns and cosmic cycles; knowledge and experience in traditional Western biomedicine and Eastern philosophy; an integrated spiritual practice to ground your explorations and expansions.


An open mind, dedication to your self unfoldment, and a burning desire to take the direction of life in your own hands.


“Combining intuition with extensive knowledge of practices that serve the mind, body, and spirit, Kiam works with you to identify where to focus your efforts and energies. Most importantly, they never make assumptions about what you’re feeling or going through and help you unpack your thoughts into ways to take action that will help you achieve whatever it is you are seeking. If you’re looking for insight into any aspect of your life, I highly recommend working with Kiam to help you find it!”

-T.O. (Chicago)





“Such a holistic, colorful, and grounding session!
No matter what type of healing work I do with Kiam, they create such helpful thoughtful and fluid images of what is going on for me and what type of work I can and must be doing.”

- C.K. (Chicago)



YOU ARE awakening

The alarm clock gently brings you into consciousness as the day begins.  You feel your breath filling up your body. You feel the weight of your body as your hands, feet, arms, legs, begin to wake up. You feel refreshed from your slumber. You smile as you begin to move. The day awaits and you are excited to tackle whatever is in store.  You move about the day in flow, facing each person and situation confidently, boldly. You move about the world with purpose and intention.  You feel the strength of your core. You know who you are.  You notice that the little inconveniences, and other people's words, actions, and state of being no longer impress upon you the way they used to. You have tools at the ready to help reduce stress. You hold your body upright and meet the world with grace. You take in what you need, and let the rest, rest. You check in with yourself throughout the day, happy to be present, awake, and aware.  You end the day as you began, with purpose, grace, compassion, and peace within.

Are you ready to step into a new paradigm?

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We are many things: we are a physical body,
biological machines in various states of conditioning.

 We are emotional creatures, reacting to the world
around us, and expressing our energy
in unique ways.

We are curious thinkers, problem-solvers,
knowledge-seekers, and social creatures.
We teach everyone we touch. 

We are creative spirits, each with a  purpose
unfolding and blooming in time.